Health Exchanges Across The Taiwan Straits

From August 25 to 30, Mr. Dong Haiyang, Baihe Medical Executive Vice President, joined hands with Chen Jianjun, Director of Pediatrics Committee of Chinese Nursing Association, the leaders of Association of Medical Exchanges across the Taiwan Straits and nursing professionals from 22 hospitals, including Beijing Hospital, Shandong Provincial Hospital and Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, to gather in Taipei to boost exchanges and development  of medical and health care across the Taiwan Straits. 

Photo of Exchange Group

In this meeting, Baihe Medical together with the Nursing Branch of Health Exchange and Cooperation Across the Taiwan Straits and Taipei Medical University exchanged and shared with Taiwan side about nursing human resources management and application, specialist nurse training and clinical practice, hospital evaluation and nursing quality management, intelligent impatient ward Internet of Things application, Taiwan Health Cloud Project construction and experience, and Beijing Medical System hospital professional exchange and sharing, intelligent nursing management and nursing management under DRGs.

At the exchange meeting, our company showcased our Intravenous Cannulas, Stopcock and other infusion products to the Taiwan exchange group. Our company expressed that in line with the spirit of "Being Responsible for Patients", we would strive to improve the quality of product development and production, become  the pioneer of medical science and technology, and provide comprehensive  medical solutions for doctors and patients.

The exchange meeting was successfully ended on August 30. The training course introduced the knowledge of nursing management and operation norms. Through a series of training and standardized operation, a professional team was gradually developed, which masters nursing knowledge and understands various technical links, meets the needs of current clinical services. The meeting also improved the quality of medical and health service team.

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